The ordering process explained

After you have sent us the necessary information using the form on this page, you will receive a quotation from idelivery by email. Once you are happy with the details of this, you can phone us to confirm the order and make a payment by debit or credit card.

Quotation form

Please note that the information marked below must be supplied.

Please note that the fields marked with * are required. All the information that you need is available in the Ikea catalogue or on-line at the Ikea web site. To order more than one product, please click on 'Add another item' at the bottom left of the form.

If you would like to see a sample of a completed form, please click here.


Add another item

Please note that the fields marked with * are required


Please ensure that the billing address is the same as that on the debit/credit card you will eventually use to make your purchase

Please indicate what payment method you will use. * Please check if you would like to receive a quotation for assembly

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